MTN Business Messenger is a self-service online messaging platform for businesses and other organizations such as Schools and Churches to send out Bulk SMS, Bulk Email and Social Mediabroadcast using one central application without third party intervention.  
Business Messenger Range Price Including Tax
Bulk SMS   1-300,000 0.03
300,001-400,000 0.028
400,001-500,000 0.027
500,001-1,000,000 0.025
1,000,001-2,500,000 0.023
Above 2,500,001 0.02
  Bulk Email   Per Email   0.0063
  Social Media (Monthly Flat Rate) SME Public Sector LCA/MNO 1,015.00 1,522.00 3,806.00
  With MTN Business Messenger, clients enjoy:
  • Convenience and flexibility to manage all three messaging channels on one platform
  • In-built fraud and unauthorised use detection/prevention
  • Graphical and analytical reporting
  • Multi-channel messaging (SMS, Email, Social Media) to be managed on one platform
  • No hidden or recurring costs
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