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Candidate FAQs

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Q. How often are roles advertised?

A. Advertisement of roles is subject to the availability of job vacancies.

Q. Can I apply for multiple roles at once?

A. Yes, you can apply for multiple roles if you possess the skills and experience for the different roles.

Q. If I was not selected for a position, can I apply for another role?

A. Yes, you can, if you have the skills sets and requirements.

Q. Can my location affect my job application?

A. Our recruitment process is without boundaries in Ghana. A candidate’s location does not have any effect on their job application.

Q. I was not shortlisted even when I know I am qualified for the role. Why?

A. All applications are properly screened against MTN’s shortlisting criteria per role. Candidates who meet minimum the minimum requirements of the role’s criteria get shortlisted.

Q. What is the mode of interviews at MTN Ghana?

A. Interviews are conducted physically and virtually.

Q. What are the types of interviews at MTN Ghana?

A. MTN Ghana deploys different types of interviews depending on the level of the role. The interviews can be a pre-interview screening exercise, business case presentation, a competency-based panel interview & psychometrics assessment.