Security Solutions

Business Security is of top concern to business owners. At MTN Business, we share these concerns and provide you with efficient, affordable Security Solutions to meet your business needs.

MTN Mobile Care Insurance

The MTN Mobile Care Insurance service is designed for MTN Pay Monthly subscribers only and seeks to indemnify policy holders in the advent of damage, screen damage and in some cases – theft and loss of mobile phones. Policy holders benefit from this service by paying a premium on the market price of their phones over a period to enjoy insurance of their phones under the stated conditions. 

• Policy holders get their phones replaced in the event of loss
• Policy holders have access to a temporary mobile phone as their original device is being replaced
• Increased sense of security with mobile handsets loses.
• Convenience in replacing damaged phones.

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• Insurance policies cover only mobile phones
• Existing phones can be registered under the screen damage policy
• New phones can be registered on all the insurance policies
• Premiums are paid based on the market prices of phones
• For a fixed monthly / annual fee, your phones can be repaired or replaced under the cover purchased
• A temporary complementary phone will be provided if repairs goes beyond 48 hours
• Insurance policy is available to MTN Pay Monthly customers only
• Phones will be repaired or replaced within 5 business days

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For more information, kindly send an email to / or call/Whatsapp on 0244 308 111.

MTN Vehicle And Asset Tracking Promo

Enjoy up to a 50% reduction off the prices of the OBD Smart Mate Vehicle Tracker, Personal Tracker and Motorcycle Tracker. This offer starts from 1st February 2017. Buy yourself a vehicle tracker and show your vehicle some love! 

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Installation fee – GHC 50 (if customer requires)

MTN Vehicle and Asset Trackers are available in MTN Service Centers including Accra Mall, Junction Mall, Achimota Mall, Comm 6 and Graphic Road. Contact us at or WhatsApp/call us on 0244308111.

Terms and conditions apply.

MTN Asset Tracking

  Keep track of the things that are important to you with MTN asset tracking service. Purchase an asset tracker device  today and You can track your valuable assets anywhere, anytime in Ghana by logging onto the internet using your smart phone, laptop or portable mobile device.

 These trackers use GPS to track your assets and transmit information so that users can tell the location of their assets at every given time. Asset tracking range includes trackers for vehicles, shipping containers, bicycles, motorcycles, parcels and fuel tank monitoring.
This service is targeted at the insurance companies, small and medium enterprises, large corporate organizations, transportation & logistics, vehicle leasing companies and the individual user. 

Features of the Service:

• Real time monitoring/tracking  of assets  
• Users can define safe zones & receive alerts when their asserts leaves or enter the zone
• Using the OBD Smart Mate , Diagnose your vehicle while on the go. Receive all fault diagnostic codes in real-time via your phone or email ( Limitations to car brands / specifications apply) 
• Automatically saves your trips so you can easily review footage from the past weeks or month at the click of a button
• Monitors and sends alert speed limits of all vehicles that are being tracked

Types of Trackers:

AssetTrack OBD SmartMate:  This is an easy to use DIY car installation unit . Simply plug into your car’s OBDI port and its ready for live vehicle tracking .It comes with added features to  Monitor car alarm functions such as engine on/off, low battery, external power off, GPS blind spot, speed, etc. on specific cars

AssetTrack Fuel (Tanker) Monitor: MTN’s Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor measures oil/diesel/petrol level in fuel storage tanks of up to 2.5m in height. This device is used for fuel level measurement in fuel tanker vehicles and generator set fuel tanks, in order to control and monitor fuel consumption and /or otherwise.

AssetTrack Container:  Simply charge this portable device and place in metal shipping containers and cars or on any movable object to track movements and location.  It has a magnetic bottom for easy attachment to any metallic surface. .  This device has an inbuilt battery that requires charging every 14 days to ensure the tracking experience is optimum. 

AssetTrack Bicycle:  A perfect rechargeable tracking device for bicycles. This device attaches beautifully to any bicycle and has in-built GSM and GPS antennas that works with GMS/GPRS network connectivity to provide the best fully integrated tracking experience. Bicycle tracker automatically blinks when you start to ride, and has an inbuilt battery that requires charging every 5 days to ensure the tracking experience is optimum. 

AssetTrack Motorcycle: is designed to keep motorbikes safe and secured. Its sleek inconspicuous design and key-lock accessory works together to provide relevant location and movement information. This device also monitors the physical condition of any motorbike; fuel consumption/level, oil level, battery, etc. The remote control key-lock has features to start and cut off engine operation, start/end an SOS alarm or lock the start key

AssetTrack Personal Parcel:  Simply charge this portable device and place it in or on any movable object eg. Box, bag, parcel to track movements of people such as children, packages, cars and their location.  This device has an inbuilt battery that requires charging every 5 days to ensure the tracking experience is optimum. 

To purchase any MTN Asset tracker or sign up for this service, visit any MTN Office in Osu, Accra Mall, Graphic road as well as MTN main offices in Kumasi, Koforidua and Takoradi.

Alternatively, log on to  or call 0244 308 111 for more information

MTN Smart Cam

MTN Smart Cam is a Mobile Surveillance Solution that combines a video camera and a security system in one smart and do-it-yourself device. MTN Smart Cam simply uses an MTN SIM Card and it’s ready to use as an excellent solution for protecting homes or businesses. Receive Real Time Alerts from your camera via SMS, Email, MMS and live video monitoring via your mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. The top of the range  MTN Smart Cam is  easily synchronized with add on accessories such as smoke detectors, gas leak detectors, motion detectors, intrusion detectors etc. to  further customize your security to suit your needs

How It Works 

 MTN Smart Cam communicates via the GSM mobile network and uses a standard MTN SIM card. 
 It can easily be used in remote locations over 2G and 3G. 
 MTN Smart Cam gives the customer/user the ability to replay past event from the smart cam portal at any given time (up to 90 days ). 
 When triggered, it records video, sent it to the cloud platform and informs user via call, text, multimedia message or email in real time. 

What you get

 Live streaming of events remotely from your  mobile device
 Ease of Set up with dedicated installation and support team anywhere in Ghana
 Remote access from anywhere in the world, simply log on to your web portal via the internet  using a mobile phone, tablet, computer etc  and monitor on the go!
 Real Time Alerts via SMS, Email, MMS  and live video monitoring 
 Inbuilt SD storage as well as cloud storage .
 Storage of previous events on the cloud for 90 days. 
 24/7 Premium after sales support services
 Easy access to Police Hotlines on web portal 
 Compatible with add-on accessories eg.  smoke detectors, gas leak detectors, motion detectors, intrusion detectors etc

MTN Smart Cam Technical Support 

The MTN SMART CAM is easily accessible via webportal to view your events, playback or for more information on your camera. Simply  visit 
•  or call the SMART CAM Technical helpline on 0553777766 & 0554777766 

MTN SMART CAMs are available from all MTN business offices nationwide and selected MTN stores nationwide ( Osu, Accra Mall, Graphic road as well as MTN main offices in Kumasi and Takoradi). 
 For more information please call 0244308111, Toll Free 18111 or contact    

MTN Vehicle Tracking

Take control of your logistics and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing where they are in real time, anywhere in Ghana. You can track your assets via satellite through the GSM mobile network once the tracking device is fitted in to your vehicle.

What you get

  • Real-time minute-by-minute visibility on your vehicles.
  • Create a personalized geographical fence or barrier for your vehicles
  • Receive real-time alerts via SMS and email on vehicle locations and movements.
  • Track as many vehicles as you wish ranging from one (1) to hundreds at a time.
  • Generate historic reports on vehicle movements and routes for use in your business operational planning.

To sign up for this service, visit any MTN Office in Osu, Accra Mall, Graphic road as well as MTN main offices in Kumasi, Koforidua and Takoradi.

Alternatively, log on to or call 0244 308 111 for more information.

McAfee Anti-Virus via
MTN Cloud

Keep your confidential and important data protected via MTN Cloud! McAfee SaaS Endpoint and Email Protection Suite provide essential protection from viruses, spyware, web threats, and hacker attacks!!